Franchise4Women is aware that the health wellness personal care sector

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in the UK Europe and globally is worth billions.

The UK Beauty and Personal Care Sector in the UK alone is reportedly worth 16 Billion Euros.

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Also that 64% of the UK population is either overweight or obese.The latest figures for Europe varies between 37.0 % and 56.7 % for women and between 51.0 % and 69.3 % for men dependent on which country you are in.

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There is an exciting forward thinking business with great leadership seeking women in these sectors of Health Wellness Personal Care. They are needed to front a vigorous expansion locally in your area in the UK, in Europe and in Scandinavia. This business wants people who can start a business turning the above imagine to nearer the below for those people that want it. You can read about it below.

Franchise4Women Health Wellness Personal Care


Weight Management – Food Supplements – Hair Care – Skin Care

Franchise4Women Dot Net is not just about women in health wellness personal care but also men who want businesses.Franchise4Women Health Wellness Personal Care Franchise Business Opportunity

People will have many different reasons for coming to this website. For those concerned by the fact that it appears to only refer to women there is no need to be. It is open to both men and women. The reality is that the health wellness personal care sector appeals more to women. They tend to take action. They are generally good at what they do and go on to be high achievers.

Health Wellness Personal Care Businesses – Are You Apprehensive?

All those seeking a franchise business opportunity may be a little apprehensive at costs and whether they can make it into a successful business. Apprehension is normal.

Following apprehension may come excuses as to why the health wellness personal care business may not be for you. This is also normal. These may come from you or family and friends trying to put you off. Have faith in yourself. By all means take advice but do not let people make you doubt your ability and determination to succeed at whatever you decide. You are in control of what you do in business. Focus, focus, focus. Nothing is achieved without courage.

You will see below that what this website offers is both reasonable and achievable.

If the doubters get to people and excuses set in we have some examples below. We have all used them at some time or other. Here are two of them.

Some will say they are too old.

Did you know that Colonel Sanders was 67 years of age when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Franchise4Women Health Wellness Personal Care Colonel Harland Sanders KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken has grown to be one of the biggest businesses in the world. All done as franchises. McDonald´s is another franchise.

Some will say they are too young.

Did you know that the very first girl to win USA Junior Masterchef was in 2016. The first prize was $100,000 (USD) Yes, one hundred thousand dollars. All of the contestants were superb and four got through to the semi finals – two were only 9 years old.

Franchise4Women Health Wellness Personal Care Junior Masterchef Winner Addison Osta Smith and Avery Kyle

Producing Michelin Star quality food the winner of USA Junior Masterchef 2016 was a girl of 9 years of age, Addison Osta Smith. $100,000 at 9 years of age! Wow! The runner up was Avery Kyle, also 9 years old.


A comprehensive list of excuses that people use as to why they cannot do this or any business can be seen by clicking here or on the link at the foot of the page.

So now we have got all that out of the way. Irrespective of whether you are a mature person or budding apprentice I want to tell you about an opportunity that my wife Caroline found.

Franchise Opportunity – Health Wellness Personal Care Sector

It is a great franchise opportunity for women in the UK Europe and Scandinavia.

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It is in the Health Wellness and Personal Care Sector. Products are high quality, all natural, parabens free, with no testing on animals.

I took a look at the products. They impressed me. It prompted me to take a close look at the business and what it offered. What I found surprised me. The products and business are so good that I started to wonder about what the competition was like.

A quick Internet search revealed several franchises and business opportunities specifically aimed at women. However I made two discoveries.

Shocking Cost Of Health Wellness Personal Care Franchises

What shocked me from this search was the price people would have to pay for a health wellness or beauty or hair, personal care type franchise.


After my first shock of the price of some of these franchises my second shock was when I realised that the company that my wife discovered is unique. You will learn why below.

You can also see the prices of some of these franchises I found below. This is a selection that are available in the UK today. They are all real businesses with real franchise prices. They do not include VAT and in the case of physical bricks and mortar premises do not include shop rents. Do not include staffing costs. Shop fitting is extra in most cases.


Health and Beauty Minimum Investment £200,000

Hair Care and Salon Minimum Investment £15,000

Gym Ownership Minimum Investment £110,000

Fitness For Women Minimum Investment £53,000

Hair Salon Minimum Investment £71,900

Fitness Minimum Investment £60,000

Women´s Fitness Minimum Investment £37,500

Beauty Treatment Minimum Investment £16,000


NOW AN ALTERNATIVE OPTION – The Unique Company Facts


LOCATION – Company on four continents


PHYSICAL OFFICES – 9 physical offices in 9 countries

EMPLOYED STAFF – Over 1000 staff employed to support the business

TURNOVER – Near eight hundred million euro turnover. On way to a billion euro.

PRODUCTS – Yes – Unique exclusive quality branded products

ORDERS and DELIVERIES – Company does all orders and deliveries for business owner

BUSINESS OWNERS – Low cost set up

No shop to buy, rent or set up for – BUSINESS OWNERS

Employ staff – Not these BUSINESS OWNERS

BUSINESS OWNERS – No fixed shop hours to work

WEBSITE – Business owners have own company website updated daily.

LANGUAGES – Website in 16 languages

EXPANDING – New countries being opened up

AWARD WINNING – Award winning company

OUTSTANDING TRAINING – Exceptional business support and training



When researching this company I found two qualities that make this company unique. Being international and the quality and range of the different variety of products and services.

Franchise4Women Health Wellness Personal Care Products Services

There is no other company like it out there. This company can do what other companies can do but no other business can do what this company does. It is unique in the marketplace for budding entrepreneurs wanting their own business. It is the only global products and services business of its type.

Franchise4Women Health Wellness Personal Care World Map

I am not saying that other businesses are not good or that people have not been or are not successful in them because clearly they have been and are. Otherwise they would not be a franchise or business opportunity.

However it is clearly head and shoulders (forgive the pun) above the competition.


It is for people who are ambitious and can think outside the box. After quickly establishing their health, wellness and personal care business they would help others establish duplicate branches of their business.

The objective would be to have multiple branches of their businesses either local to them or further a field. In other words duplicate their business. Each of these would be set up in a similar way as to how they would have started with owners buying their own franchise business opportunity licence. New people would be responsible for their own costs in setting up these other franchises just like they would have been. Their function would be to support with advice and training. They would help others build their branch of the new business owner. Just like they would if it was another physical branch of their own business. They would also help them expand as well. Sound like McDonalds business plan!


There are stories of people mortgaging their homes and putting their families at risk paying huge sums for a franchise.

Why would anyone take such huge risks?

Having done my research it convinced me that what I had found was magic. It convinced me that the story of this business needs to be told.

You have seen the cost of how much a business opportunity franchise costs. To see how much this business will cost and what you get for your money please click HERE.

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